The Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology (KAUT) was established by the Conference of Rectors of Polish Technical Universities (KRPUT) on 17 February 2001 in Opole, as an accrediting agency, which accredits fields of studies at technical universities.

Documents signed by Rectors in Opole, named the Agreement and the Principles and Procedure of Accreditation, address issues related to the quality of education in a broad sense, and they express the concern of the authorities of technical universities for the following problems:

  • improving the quality of education,
  • creating clear and unambiguous procedures for assessing the conditions and methods of education
  • as well as programs of studies which take into account systems used in other countries, especially in countries of the European Union,
  • creating conditions facilitating national and international exchange of students,
  • promoting fields of studies that meet high quality standards.

The text of the Agreement was signed by 24 rectors, the signatories to the Agreement, who expressed the will of each of 24 universities listed below to access the accreditation process:

At the KRPUT meeting on 17 February 2001, Professor Piotr Wach, Rector of the Opole University of Technology, was elected the representative of the conference of rectors in KAUT and Professor Alicja Konczakowska, Vice-Rector for Education of Gdansk University of Technology was elected the president of KAUT. AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow was selected as the headquarters of the Commission. Subsequently, the rectors – signatories to the Agreement – nominated their representatives to KAUT, mainly vice – rectors for education. The First Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology acted in from 15 March 2001 to 14 March 2003.

The first KAUT meeting took place in AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow on 2 – 3 April 2001. During this meeting a vice – chairman of KAUT and a secretary were elected.