Accreditation procedures for Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology under pandemic conditions

KAUT European Accreditations

W dniu 21 marca 2019 KAUT otrzymała re-autoryzację uprawnień ENAEE do nadawania (do końca roku 2023) certyfikatów EUR-ACE Label akredytowanym kierunkom studiów pierwszego (BSc) i drugiego (MSc) stopnia.



Professor Bohdan Macukow
President of KAUT

Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology will be awarding European quality certificates.

After several years of efforts, the Accreditation Commission ofUniversities of Technology (KAUT) has obtained the right to confer along with its accreditations the European quality certificate EUR-ACE® Label.

What is EUR-ACE® Label? It is a type of accreditation created by European engineering organisations. The accreditation system was developed by the European Network for Engineering Accreditation (ENAEE). This network brings together many European organizations involved in training engineers,such as the British Engineering Council (EngC), the French Commission des Titres d' Ingegnieur (CTI), Federation Europeenne d' Associations Nationales d' Ingegneurs (FEANI), Societe Europeenne pour la Formation des Ingegneurs (SEFI) and The International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP). One of the main activities of the ENAEE network is the EUR-ACE accreditation program European Accredited Engineer label which involves granting a certificate to engineering degree programmes thus confirming their high quality as well as compliance with accepted European standards and principles.The accreditation system is closely linked with the Bologna process, and is based on the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance, which is "the Bible" the key text on the subject of quality and accreditation.

About KAUT

There is two Channels of Accreditation of Engineering Programmes in Poland:
State - founded  Polish (State) Accreditation Committee (PKA) performing obligatory accreditation and Community – founded established by the rectors conferences of different type of HE`s (Medical Universities, University Accreditation Commission, Schools of Economy) and also  Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology (KAUT) voluntary accreditation.


MOSTECH - a mobility program for students of Polish technical universities is aimed at students of 5th and 6th semester of the first degree studies and for students of 1st,2nd and 3rd (unless it is the last semester of studies) semester of the second degree studies.


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