The Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers (Polska Izba Inżynierów Budownictwa, PIIB)


The Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology (Komisja Akredytacyjna Uczelni Technicznych, hereinafter referred to as KAUT) at the Conference of Polish Technical College Rectors (Konferencja Rektorów Polskich Uczelni Technicznych), represented by its Executive Committee composed of:

1. Professor Bohdan Macukow, PhD, Eng. – President of KAUT

2. Professor Andrzej Chojnacki, PhD, Eng. – Vice-President of KAUT

3. Professor Zbigniew Kąkol, PhD, Eng. – Vice-President of KAUT


The Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers (Polska Izba Inżynierów Budownictwa, hereinafter referred to as PIIB), represented by:

1. Andrzej Roch Dobrucki – President of the National Council of PIIB

2. Marian Płachecki – President of the National Qualification Committee of PIIB

enter into the following cooperation agreement.

§ 1

KAUT, as the entity responsible for the voluntary accreditation of technical education courses, acting pursuant to § 10 (3) of the Principles and Procedures of Accreditation, and PIIB as the entity carrying out the tasks of a professional self-government of civil engineers, such as the granting of licences to perform independent technical functions in the construction industry, acting to improve the level of education and performance of the profession of a civil engineer –  all technical and construction specialties and all courses, levels and types of higher education preparing for this function –  agree upon the following principles and scope of cooperation with respect to teams of experts and assessment teams of KAUT.

§ 2

 KAUT and PIIB shall appoint a joint team of experts in order to take into account the accreditation criteria applicable to courses in the field of civil engineering, and in particular, the assessment criteria:

a)    for curricula (in terms of expertise, competence and social skills),

b)    for teachers of vocational and practical classes,

c)     regarding forms of education, in terms of organisation and subject matters of students' internships,

particularly influencing the practical use of technical expertise in today's market of civil engineering services and the fulfilment of the needs of employers.

§ 3

KAUT, by managing the accreditation proceedings, shall appoint representatives of PIIB as experts for the assessment teams. Their scope of responsibility and the principles of participation in the assessment teams shall be determined in writing at a later time, in the form of an appropriate agreement made between KAUT and PIIB.

§ 4

The scope of cooperation stipulated in § 2 and § 3 concerns exclusively those higher education courses which will allow graduates – in accordance with the applicable legal regulations – to apply for a building licence to perform independent technical functions in the construction industry.

§ 5

Every three years, on the basis of the results of exams which, if passed, entitle to obtain the building licence, and considering a survey conducted among the exam participants, PIIB shall develop materials to assess the effects of education, broken down by universities, departments and years of graduation, and shall submit them to KAUT.

§ 6

Every year, KAUT and PIIB shall assess their cooperation, which shall be the basis for any potential adjustments of the scope and method of cooperation, which shall be included in a relevant annex hereto.

§ 7

The Agreement shall be effective from the day of its signing.


on behalf of

Komisja Akredytacyjna Uczelni Technicznych


on behalf of

Polska Izba Inżynierów Budownictwa



Warsaw, dated ……………………



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